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If I shot a film

If I decided to shoot a film based on this book, I would think over from what to start with. I think, I would start my film with the the shooting. Then I'd return characters back  into the past and would show Valerie and Nick's relation with each other and other pupils, also I'd show how Nick took into his head the idea about the murder.
Two plots would be developted in the same time. The first is events which took place before the shooting and the second one is after it. In that way audience would be able to deduce  succession of events and to sense Velerie's feeling. Also I think it's neccessary to show mutual relation with parents, because it plays a big role.

I don't know why, but when I was reading, I imagined Valerie as this actress, so I would like her to play main role in the film. It's Anna Sophia Robb. I think she is created to be Valerie!

 As for main male role, I would give it to Chez Starbuck. He would be great Nick Levil

For other roles I would make a casting.

In the end of the book Valerie turns over in her mind her possible future departure. In film I would make a scene where she would board a train and wave to her parents. From this moment the song would begin to sound. I exactly know what song it would be. Nickelback - "If Everyone Cared". I insistantly recommend you to listen to it. I know that this song helped the author to write this book. And I can say for sure that it passes emotions of the book.

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