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Review of the book

 "Hate List gives us a glimpse into the lives of those kids in school who we may have excluded or made fun of or bullied, or who we knew were treated that way and we did nothing about it, for fear that we would get treated the same way. But it also shows us the other side; that those who do the excluding or the bullying have a lot more in common with their victims than they may realize. The hurt, the pain, the confusion, the need to fit in and belong - both sides feel the exact same things, but express them in very different ways.

Through Valerie's journey, we see a young girl who develops from a girl filled with pain and confusion into a girl with a new sense of purpose and determination, as she makes amends with those she hurt and finally learns to accept who she is.
An amazing first book by Jennifer Brown." - review by Maggi Normile

I completely agree with Maggi, in this book we can find those usual kids which we see in everyday life.  Such things as mockery, persecution took place quite often and in this book we see that people doing it have a lot of spirital wounds and often even underscore, so to cover it they start to humble others. I think it's large grave problem, not only in our country or only in USA, but in the whole world. Unfortunately, I don't know how to solve this problem, I think nobody knows for sure, after all, If it was simple, the problem would be solve long ago. However, I believe that good breeding has a great significance and influence.

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