понедельник, 24 сентября 2012 г.

Making Choice

Salut! :)
It's September of third half-year now and it means that it’s time to start individual reading. First of all I was to choose a book.  Have I made it with easy? Oh, really no.
From the beginning I wanted to read the book, which was brought by my friend from London as a gift for me. It is "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Jane Bronte.  Wouldn't it be pleasant to read it? Of course it would!  But there is a problem - I had read it in Russian several years ago. As I'd like to read something new for me, I went to the library. One book arrested my attention right away. It was Thalia Chaltas "Because I Am Furniture". When I was on first year in the uni, my friend from third year was reading this book. I had been interested in it, the book seemed unusual, so I had decided to read it someday. And what a great luck, it fell into my hands! But: despite the fact that it has near 400 pages, there is little quantity of the text. It's written in such way, that a lot of page has only several lines.
There is nothing to be done, I was to choose smth else. My attention was attracted by another book. "Hate list" by Jennifer Brown. I twirled it in my hands, and thought: why not?It's look like a sort of school stories, what is usually interesting. So, why not, really? I have made my choice. I hope I like it :)

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  1. It's look like a sort of school stories> looks like
    Have I made it with easy? > with ease
    When I was on first year in the uni> a first-year student/ a freshman